Fri. Apr 19th, 2024


The move by ministers Gobind Singh Deo, M. Kulasegaran and Xavier Jayakumar requesting the removal of Zakir Naik from this country to Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad is commendable and a reflection of the sentiments of many who have been slighted by his inflammatory remarks, particularly against the Indian and Chinese communities.

Notable Malay figures have also called for Zakir’s removal such as Patriot and Rais Yatim who rightly pointed out that Zakir is an instigator.

There can be no doubt that Zakir’s comments can cause disharmony amongst the races in this country. His remarks that the Indians here are more loyal to the Indian Prime Minister compared to the PM here and that the Chinese are ‘guests’ who ought to be sent back first instead of him, have certainly crossed the line and demonstrates his complete lack of understanding of the racial set up of this country and the fact that we have, for decades, lived peacefully with one another.

Who is Zakir, a cowardly fugitive, wanted in his own country, to question communities in our country?

The fact is we cannot afford to have Zakir remain in this country and the government must take stock of this fact before he causes further damage to race relations here.

I note the Prime Minister’s stand that Zakir’s safety will be compromised in India although there seems to be no evidence of this apart from claims by Zakir himself that this would be the case. That being the case, Zakir should be sent back to India without any hesitation.

Alternatively, the PM has said that he is open to sending Zakir to a country that is willing to accept him which clearly indicates that the PM himself acknowledges that Zakir is a clear and present danger to Malaysia.

It has been reported that Zakir was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017 although the status of his said citizenship today is unclear.

If Zakir is a Saudi citizen, Malaysia must forthwith take the necessary steps to send him there, assuming his life would be in danger if he were to be sent back to India which remains a bare assertion.

Surely, Saudi Arabia would be willing to take Zakir if it has given him citizenship.

The matter cannot be further delayed as Zakir has clearly demonstrated that he is unrepentant and is likely to repeat his appalling behaviour in the future with impunity without so much as a reprimand from the authorities.

Zakir Naik is a danger to this country. There can be no two ways about it. The PM can no longer ignore the growing calls for his removal, including from the Malays.

He has a duty to protect all Malaysians and his failure to act now will be a major dereliction of duty on his part.

Dated this 14th of August, 2019.