Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Press Statement by Lim Hui Ying (DAP Penang State Secretary/Senator of the Dewan Negara) on Sunday, 8 August 2021 in George Town, Penang:

I call upon the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Rina Harun to make a stand on the situation being faced by the student Ain Husniza.

It is a disgrace that the Minister who could have intervened in the situation has chosen to keep quiet.

Ain is a young Malaysian and her generation will be the future leaders of the country. Minister Rina’s inaction sets a bad example for the future leaders of tomorrow.

Ain is not just facing a million Ringgit lawsuit by the teacher she had exposed but she is now being investigated by the police for intentional insult.

She has filed a countersuit against her teacher but what we want our government to do is to acknowledge that the government stands with victims instead of just saying the issue must not be trivialised and stern action would be taken.

If action is to be taken by the government, then what action will that be?

Suits have been filed and a police investigation has been launched on a 17 years old student while the investigation on the teacher has been closed.

Why is Minister Rina still keep quiet and not doing anything?

Is this the kind of message the PN government is sending to young women? That exposing the misconduct of a teacher will only get the student into trouble?

Instead of progressing as a nation that protects women, our country under the backdoor PN government is regressing.

I will stand with Ain. And I invite all Malaysian women to stand together with her to show that we can do better than the backdoor Minister.

Lim Hui Ying

林慧英(槟州民主行动党州秘书/国会上议员)于 2021 年 8 月 8 日(星期日)在槟城乔治市发表的新闻文告:

我呼吁妇女、家庭及社会发展部长丽娜哈伦就学生艾因(Ain Husniza) 所面临的处境表明立场。




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一名 17 岁的学生已被起诉,警方也对她展开调查,但是对教师的调查却已经结束。。