Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

I have said that I will debate with MCA Deputy President Wee Ka Siong if he contests in Bagan against me or he becomes MCA President or if he can get MCA President Liow Tiong Lai to admit that Liow is afraid of debating with me. Wee is clearly unable to do so and demonstrates Wee’s contempt of basic political etiquette and democratic decorum, that the political leaders debates each other and not against underlings. Such political etiquette and democratic decorum are accepted rules in democracies such as the United States, where the Presidential nominee debate with each other and not against the Vice-Presidential nominee?


Wee Ka Siong cannot hide the shame of MCA President Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai who is not as brave as his predecessor, Tan Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Liow has refused to debate with me on the two issues on 1MDB as well as the Penang tunnel and 3 main highway issue. By repeating his willingness to debate with me, Wee is only highlighting the shame of Liow not daring to debate with me. Is Wee doing some opportunistic self-promotion to put Liow in bad light in the eyes of MCA party members?


However I am willing to bend over backwards to allow Wee to do more opportunistic self-promotion by agreeing to debate with Wee, if Wee can firstly name the Penang state government leader who received tens of millions of ringgit in corruption money. Despite Wee’s lies alleging corruption in the project, up to now Wee dare not name which Penang state government leader had accepted tens of million of ringgit in corruption money.


In contrast, Pakatan has named Jho Low and Malaysian Official No. 1 (M01) as the direct beneficiaries of stolen 1MDB funds involving billions of ringgit. How such stolen money from 1MDB is spent is proven by the RM1 billion super-yacht seized in Bali, seizure of RM430 million of cash deposits in Swiss banks by the Swiss government and RM2.6 billion cash deposited in the personal bank account of MO1.


Wee continues to lie that when the tender for the tunnel and 3 main highways was awarded, the minimum paid-up capital of RM381 million was not complied with by the Penang Tender Committee headed by the Penang State Secretary. Even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commisson(MACC) does not dispute that the RM381 million minimum paid-up capital requirement was fully complied with. In contrast, there is no such investigation by MACC on 1MDB for has violating and breaking all rules, until United States attorney-general Jeff Sessions described 1MDB as “kleptocracy at its worst”,


Similarly Wee lies that to finance the project, the Penang state government sold the land below the market value of RM457 per square feet(psf). As the project was awarded by open tender, the land was sold at RM 1,300 psf which is 3 times the market value. This contrast with 70 acres of Tun Razak Exchange land being sold to 1MDB without open tender, for only RM 64 psf when the market value is RM2,700 psf. Buying for RM194 million when the market value was RM8.2 billion allowed 1MDB to record an unholy gain of RM8 billion.


Will Wee show the courage to name the Penang state government alleged to have received tens of millions of ringgit? Failure to do so will prove that this is another example of Wee spreading fake news?