What are Penang MCA Chairman’s plans for Penang Port Commission: Assemblyman Chris Lee

What are the Penang MCA Chairman’s plans for Penang Port Commission? He should explain to the people what his plans are for the Penang Port instead of just sitting as chairman just because he was appointed.

Penang Port had a major role in the development of Penang in the past and when Pakatan Harapan was in power in the federal government, plans were unveiled to return the port to glory.

It is important that those appointed to paid federal GLC positions actually do work that comes with the position. GLC Chairmanships are not a paid holiday. Are the plans for the revival of the Penang Port put on hold now since Penang is once again an opposition state?

If MCA wishes to convince Penangites that they are sincere in serving Penang, then they can start by showing they actually care and have plans for the Penang Port Commission.

Pulau Tikus Assemblyman




他认为,获委出任中央政府关联机构高职,就必须执行自己的任务,毕竟该高职是有缴付薪水。 “政府关联机构缴付薪水,并非给相关领新人拿去渡假的。”



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