Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 1.8.2021:

For Those Mps Who Are Afraid, They Need Not Come To Parliament, Let Those Who Do Not Fear But Fear More For The Future Of The Lives And Livelihood Of Our People To Attend Parliament.

DAP condemns the unconstitutional postponement of Parliament as a desperate attempt by Prime Minister Mahiaddin Md Yassin to prevent full accountability and transparency over his failure to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis and confrontation with the King with misleading and manipulative tactics to desperately hang on to power following the loss of his Parliamentary majority.

As Malaysians mark the end of the Emergency, we count the huge cost of this failed attempt to mask the naked grab for power by PN and Prime Minister Mahiaddin Md Yassin, under the guise of containing the frightening escalation of COVID-19 infections and deaths. On the day the Emergency was proclaimed on 12 January, there were 3,309 cases and 4 deaths with a cumulative 141,533 cases and 559 deaths.

Since then, the cumulative number of cases have surged 8 times and the cumulative death toll a shocking 16 times in a short period of six and a half months. On 31 July the daily cases surged to a record high of 17,785 and 165 deaths, with cumulative  cases of 1,113,272 and a death toll of 9,004. Clearly the period during the Emergency caused the cases to jump and did not help to make any impact to reduce the number COVID-19 infections and deaths.

And yet the Federal government continues to blame the rakyat for not complying with the COVID-19 SOPs, when Ministers themselves are the main culprits; policy flip-flops and U-turns that favour big companies to operate more than the small businesses, especially the Small Medium Enterprises;  refuses to admit responsibility for delays in vaccine procurement and delivery which could have avoided thousands of deaths; double-standards in the issuance of approval letters for businesses to operate from the Ministries and letting political partisanship trump professional expertise in the management of COVID-19 infection.

This exercise of mass deception is so ingrained in the PN government that they have even misled the King and usurped his powers over the revocation of Emergency Ordinances. The King was so offended that a royal rebuke in the strongest possible terms was publicly delivered against Ministers, Attorney-General and the government for the first time in history. There was no expression of remorse by the PN government when no apology was offered, much less any willingness to resign for this act of “lese majeste” against the King.

Despite the King commanding that Parliament should decide and debate on the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances, the Parliamentary meeting on Monday has been postponed and Parliament locked down by the Prime Minister and the Deputy Speaker Datuk Mohamad Rashid Hasnon on the pretext of COVID-19. The Speaker Azhar Harus has clearly put on false pretences by deceiving the Opposition bloc of MPs when he told a delegation led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim last Thursday that he wanted Parliament to continue sitting on Monday.

It is ridiculous for the Prime Minister to lock down Parliament just because of 11 cases of COVID-19 out of 1,183 tests or a positivity rate of 0.9%, way below the World Health Organisation threshold of 5%. When factories are closed because COVID-19 positive cases are detected, the factories reopen after two days and proper sanitisation. Why was sanitisation not done last Friday so that Parliament can reopen on Monday?

Further when the first screening tests were conducted on 23 July before Parliament met on 26 July, there were 53 positive cases out of 1,925 tests or a positivity rate of 2.8% and yet Parliament met without any interference on 26 July. Why can Parliament meet when the positivity rate is 2.8% but not when it is 0.9%? Clearly it is not based on science and data as claimed by Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri but seeking power and position; not concern over health but over political survival.

Clearly the Prime Minister is fearful of Parliament debating the King’s public statement and that a majority of MPs will express full support for the King against the Prime Minister. Or he is afraid that a majority of MPs will show their loss of confidence in him following the loss of confidence in his leadership by the King. The Prime Minister may be fearful of Parliamentary meetings but MPs are not.

A majority of the MPs are not afraid to meet despite the COVID-19 scare because the life of the country, our Federal Constitution, our people and the future of the country led by the right leadership that does not lie to both people and the King is of more importance. For those MPs who are afraid, they need not come to Parliament, let those who do not fear but fear more for the future of the lives and livelihood of our people to attend Parliament. We shall be there tomorrow in Parliament.






此后,短短6个半月的时间里,累计病例数激增8倍,累计死亡人数达到惊人的16倍。 7 月 31 日,每日病例激增至创纪录的1万7785人和165人死亡,累计病例为111万3272人,死亡人数则为9004人。紧急状态期间确诊和死亡人数反而大幅提升,显然它根本无法产生任何影响,无助于降低确诊和死亡病例。