Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Media statement by DAP Penang State Secretary, Lim Hui Ying, dated 2 November 2020:

Updates on the DAP Penang State Convention 2020 and the DAP National Congress 2020

There have been some changes to the DAP Penang State Convention 2020 and the DAP National Congress 2020.

Firstly, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) has granted a 6 months extension to all DAP State Committees which are due to hold their Conventions this year. This means that the DAP Penang State Convention and therefore elections will be postponed to a future date when the situation becomes safer and more conducive.

Secondly, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has stated that the DAP National Congress should be held before 31 December 2020. In view of the recent spike of new cases of COVID-19 in the country, DAP National Organising Secretary, Anthony Loke has made an appeal to ROS on 5 October 2020 for the Congress to be given at least a 6 months extension.

As the Congress will involve 4,000 delegates from all over the country, we sincerely hope that ROS will grant us the extension.

More information will be provided when we receive a response from ROS.




首先,鉴于新冠肺炎疫情,民主行动党中央执行委员会已允许各州委会将今年的代表大会展延6个月。 为此,民主行动党槟州常年代表大会及党选也将展延,并在疫情稳定后再择日召开。