The news that Jamal Yunos has been deported to Malaysia from Indonesia is most welcomed and it is hoped the necessary legal action will be taken against him forthwith.

In the very likely event Jamal is charged in court for offences said to have been committed by him in the past, it is hoped that the prosecution strongly objects to bail being granted to him as it is quite obvious from his recent actions that he has displayed a propensity for absconding which must be avoided at all costs.

In fleeing to Indonesia to avoid arrest and lying about it by claiming to be in Malaysia, Jamal has demonstrated utter disregard for the rule of law and obviously has no qualms resisting arrest by the authorities.

No doubt, the court can impound Jamal’s passport as a condition if it were to grant him bail but having regard to his recent antics, the possibility of him absconding to avoid prosecution cannot be excluded.

Ultimately, bail is at the discretion of the court and the past conduct of Jamal is certainly relevant in the granting of same.

It is hoped that the court denies Jamal bail to ensure his presence in Malaysia in the event he is charged in court.

Dated this 5th July, 2018.





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