Teach UMNO a more painful lesson in this coming GE than the last: Assemblyperson Syerleena

Media statement by ADUN Seri Delima, Syerleena Abdul Rashid, 1st October, Georgetown, Penang:

Surrendering the fate of the nation in Umno’s corrupt hands? No way!

The ‘Top 5’ of Umno held a meeting last night, to discuss the dissolution of parliament in order to make way for a rather hasty 15th General Elections. Disregarding logic and sound judgement, Umno wants to hold GE-15 during the monsoon season.

While a majority of Malaysians have expressed concerns, the ‘Top 5’ seemingly do not care at all. This further proves their illogical arrogance, and their hunger to hold on to power being the main motivation. Doing what is best for the rakyat is just mere lip service that lacks any sincerity.

In the past few years, Malaysians have seen how severely detrimental climate change can be. And while those in federal powers should focus on formulating plans and finding better ways to help mitigate an imminent natural disaster, Umno has chosen to put their interest and ambitions first. To the extent that Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, Umno Deputy President; gave a noticeably peculiar assurance that there will not be any adverse weather conditions when GE-15 is held. This raises several questions but mainly, what qualifications does he have to make such weather predictions and forecasts? Are the top 5 so blinded by self-interest that they have forgotten their oaths to serve the rakyat and put the nation’s best interest first?

By pushing for a monsoon season election, Umno has undoubtedly chosen to allow a repeat of events witnessed in Taman Sri Muda, Temerloh and Baling – a move, which in their minds will suppress voter turn-out and rule in their favour.

Any sound minded Malaysian can sense Umno’s desperation to cling on to power, by way of manipulating facts, spewing half-truths, propagating lies and of course, engineering an election to coincide with a natural disaster. In their minds, people can drown, lives lost and properties destroyed, as long as Umno can grab hold of political power.

Must the people of Malaysia continue to surrender our fate to the corrupt hands of Umno leaders? Surely we are not mere chickens on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Four years ago, in an election held on a Wednesday, the nation punished Umno-BN for their crimes. Apparently, such lessons are now forgotten and Umno continues to erroneously think that Malaysians can be bullied once again. The arrogance and apathy portrayed will only fuel the fires of reforms – Malaysians must unite and chasten those who continue to hold the people’s mandate in contempt. Teach them a lesson and may it be more painful than the last.


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