Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Ever since Pakatan took power on 8, March 2008, we have exceeded all expectations in establishing good governance and clean leadership, building public infrastructure, developing human talent, promoting arts and culture, embracing sustainable development, undertaking community projects through 4P(public, private, people and professional) Partnership, wiped out hard-core poverty as well as uphold a harmonious society that respects differences in faiths and beliefs.


Pakatan has fulfilled our promises over the last 10 years with the state government’s finances now healthy, enjoys robust economic growth as a manufacturing investment cluster and a preferred tourism destination, protects our hills and natural habitat as the only state not to touch a single square inch of forest reserves, preserves our UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town, a cultural hub and is the most livable city in Malaysia.


Pakatan has also invested more in Seberang Perai with RM2.3 billon or 77% of the total RM3.1 billion in development expenditure over the last 10 years spent on the mainland to ensure balanced development.


The Pakatan Harapan 14th General Election Manifesto sets the stage for the next 5 years, to elevate us to a higher level with 68 promises. These 68 promises realises Penang aspirations to be both an entrepreneurial and a welfare state. We want a green state and a bicycle state, with more green areas, night parks and dedicated bicycle lanes. Pakatan‘s 68 promises allow Penang to achieve our vision of being an international and intelligent city that is clean, green, safe and healthy.


Just as Pakatan succeeded in turning around a city that was once the dirtiest in Malaysia, into one of the cleanest in Malaysia and amongst other countries, we can succeed in making Penang the leading state in Malaysia. However our work is not yet done.


We have much work to do for our children to benefit from the hard work, indomitable spirit and ability of the people of Penang, to come up with solutions to our problems. We want to continue to allow Penangites a platform where they can enjoy equal opportunities to build their homes, families and make their dreams come true. These 68 promises in Pakatan’s “I Love Penang” 14th General Election Manifesto will help us reach our journey.


We salute the spirit and self-belief of Penangites who will not allow their dreams to die. That is why we continue to press for our dream of have a Light Rail Transit(LRT) that connects the island to the mainland, the third link of an under-sea tunnel from Gurney Drive to Bagan Ajam(Butterworth) for Seberang Perai Utara residents, the abolition of all toll on the Penang First Bridge, a housing democracy with a house for everyone, and a trained workforce of world-class standards.


Our Pakatan Harapan manifesto is superior to BN. BN’s Manifesto is a negative “Cancel” Manifesto in promising to cancel our under-sea tunnel and LRT projects. And yet BN has no alternative to building LRT to alleviate traffic congestion on both the island and the mainland.


If we want to be able to implement these 68 promises, we must win and win more seats. I know that BN has targeted at least 8 of our “vulnerable” state seats. We shall defend them and also try to target 5 of their state seats and all three of their parliamentary seats.


There is no sure-to-win guarantees. BN will use every trick in the book to win back Penang at all costs. Let us make sure that Penang stays with Pakatan. Let us make sure we defend all our 30 state seats and 10 Parliamentary seats so that we can have a people’s government not just in Penang but also in Putrajaya.


We promise we will fight for you, for a stronger and better Penang. It is this Penang-lang spirit or semangat anak negeri Pulau Pinang of fighting on against all odds, that makes everyone loves Penang! Let us love Penang by delivering as promised, to be a people-centric government that works for the people, listens to the people and gives hope to the people!


Pakatan Harapan. We Love Penang!

Pakatan Harapan. We Love Penang!

Pakatan Harapan. We Love Penang!