Wed. May 29th, 2024

Press Statement by Chris Lee Chun Kit (Pulau Tikus State Assemblyperson & DAP Bukit Bendera PLC Secretary) on Tuesday 8th of June 2021:

MCA should own up to their failures in both the Federal and State Governments, especially in Penang. In 2018, the people wholeheartedly rejected the MCA from representing them and yet they have shamelessly helped bring down the legitimately elected Pakatan Harapan government and then re-entered the government without the mandate of the people.

MCA had also shamelessly taken the leadership of the Penang Port Commission (PPC) despite having not won a single parliamentary nor state seat in Penang. This has shown that the people of Penang have completely rejected the MCA but they still crave positions and took them against the will of the people.

The latest sinking of the Penang iconic ferries have shown that their leadership of the PPC has been a total failure. Penangites hold their heritage close to their hearts and despite their pleas for the iconic ferries to be retained or to be handed over to the management of the Penang State Government, they had gone ahead to phase them out.

Now MCA can’t even help Penangites maintain their heritage. The flooding of the ferry named Pulau Pinang is very painful for Penangites to endure. The symbolism shows that MCA can never be trusted to run PPC and should never be given an opportunity to run a government ever again. For they will eventually sink everyone together with them.

If MCA has any dignity left, they must resign all their positions on the PPC and lobby the federal government to hand over all management of the ferry services to the Penang State Government. Failure in which the MCA will prove that they have no care for Penangites and are only interested in gaining positions.