Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Penang On 2.8.2021:

Penang Is Being Left Behind With 21.7% Of The Adult Population Vaccinated, Ranked No. 10 Out Of 14 States Receiving The 2 Full Vaccination Doses.

Penang is being left behind with 21.7% of the adult population vaccinated, and ranked No. 10 out of the 14 states receiving the 2 full vaccination doses as at 31.7.2021. With the daily infections from Penang hitting a record 752 cases on 1 August, there is a need to speed up the vaccination process as the most effective protection against COVID-19 apart from complying with the SOPs.

The rise in daily infections as well as deaths in Penang has heightened fear and intensified demands for faster vaccination. I have received many complaints about the slow vaccination process, with many unhappy of not receiving vaccination appointments even though they had registered since February. Can the RM70 million allocated for the MySejahtera software application not give vaccination appointments first to those that register earlier instead of those that register later?

When going door-to-door to distribute food parcels, many hope for the economy to reopen for them to be allowed to work again or operate their business to earn a living. A quicker vaccination rate would allow the economy to reopen faster. Even though the National Immunisation Programme (PICK) is under the purview of the federal government, the public has urged PH elected representatives to vigorously pursue with the Federal government to increase the vaccination rate.

The Penang state government has decided not to purchase vaccines and choose to rely on PICK instead to achieve herd immunity in the state. The Federal government should respond to the faith entrusted by the state government to ensure early delivery of vaccines, and not let Penang be left behind until Penang is No. 10 out of 14 states in Malaysia in full dosage vaccination rate.

One suggestion is to set up an Operation Surge Capacity or OSC similar to Klang Valley and appoint a Penang MP acceptable to both the state and federal government to co-ordinate the vaccination exercise smoothly. Former Deputy Minister for International Trade and Industry and DAP MP for Bangi Dr Ong Kian Ming was so appointed as the OSC coordinator for the Klang Valley.

Penang is the top three contributor of tax revenues and key export regions for Malaysia and is the only industrialised state in the country with 95% of GDP coming from the manufacturing and services sector. We hope that the relevant authorities can take pro-active measures to speed up vaccination to save lives and livelihood.

Herd immunity should be achieved through inoculation. More than 80% of COVID-19 cases in Penang are those unvaccinated. According to the Penang Health Department, the unvaccinated made up 83% of the total number of cases on 28 July, 82% on 29 July, 79% on 30 July and 80% on 31 July. Vaccination needs to be speeded up to lower the risk to those infected. With the high infection rates, herd immunity may be achieved through both inoculation and infection.








其中一项建议就是设立类似于巴生谷的“冲刺行动” (Operation Surge Capacity或OSC),并任命一名槟州政府和联邦政府都可接受的槟城国会议员作为负责人,协调疫苗接种工作,使之顺利完成。前国际贸易和工业部副部长兼万宜民主行动党议员王建明博士,就在较早前被任命为巴生谷的冲刺行动协调员。


群体免疫应通过接种疫苗来实现槟城超过 80% 的冠病病例是未接种疫苗的病例。根据槟城卫生局的数据,未接种疫苗的患者占7月28日总病例数之83%、7月29日的82%、7月30日的79%以及7月31日的80%。职是之故,我们需要加快疫苗接种的速度,以降低感染者的风险。在高感染率的情况下,也许我们将通过接种和感染来实现群体免疫。