Wed. May 29th, 2024


The recent inclusion of 7 UMNO MPs into Bersatu is completely wrong and goes against what the Rakyat voted for in GE14.

Nearly half of Bersatu today are, in fact, post GE14 UMNO MPs. The very real possibility that such UMNO MPs will soon form the majority of Bersatu is indeed frightening.

It matters not what these former UMNO MPs call themselves today as it’s the substance that counts, and not the label.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in justifying, such inclusion was quoted as saying, “Its what they are now that counts”.

With the greatest of respect, what are they now?

There is absolutely no evidence that any of these former UMNO MPs have repented from being complicit in the previous UMNO regime nor has any of them publicly condemned the kleptocratic former government.

To me, they are no different today then what they were before.

Accepting a person who once said he is open to the idea of a woman marrying her rapist into a coalition committed to reform is mind boggling as such an action reflects a complete disregard of such reforms.

I have said before that it is high time that anti-hopping laws are enacted but the accepting of frogs into PH with open arms of late suggests such a hope will always remain a distant hope.

I also note the PM’s assurance that all of the said UMNO MPs have been vetted.

Again, with respect, how much ‘vetting’ of such MPs would gain the confidence of the people that they are somehow cleansed today as compared to 9 months ago?

The reality of the position is that people remain sceptical regardless of such vetting as these very same MPs once stood for exactly the opposite of what PH stands for today.

Crossovers are deplorable in any democracy as it betrays the will of the people.

This, surely, must be the most important of considerations in accepting such frogs.

Dated this 13th February, 2019.