Wed. May 29th, 2024

UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Tuesday described DAP Pulau Tikus assemblyperson Sdr Chris Lee Chun Kit’s involvement in tithes distribution as “acting”, saying the task should be reserved for Muslims as it is the community’s affair.

After Penang mufti Salim Wan Mohd Noor has provided a clarification on the issue, Sdr Lee broke his silence and called for an end to the condemnation of Malaysians of different races and religious beliefs by certain opposition political leaders who, he claimed, were “trying to divide the Malaysian people”.

“At a time when they should be practising unity to unite Malaysians, they would rather highlight alleged violations of religious sensitivities in order to use the age-old method of ‘divide and rule’.

“Why can’t our opposition political leaders push for educating and understanding each others’ differences instead,” he questioned.

He said 62 years after independence, the nation is moving forward with the people united, yet some are still trying to bring them backwards, due to their “irresponsible quest for power”.

“I will continue to do my duty as an elected representative in accordance with the clarifications of our state mufti, as well as other religious authorities when it comes to religious sensitivities,” he commented.

“I respect the Islamic faith and its leaders and I will always seek their advice when in need of clarifications.

“Once again, I call on my political opponents to stop dividing Malaysians,” he added.

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