Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

I have lodged a police report this morning at Bandar Perda police station over the video recording in which the Menteri Besar (MB) of Negeri Sembilan dangerously provoked youths to behave aggressively in the public.

The MB is seen in the video instructing his audience to cause havoc at gatherings at coffee shops that are critical of the government. He explicitly told them to attack and overturn tables at those places. He even assured the youths that he will bail them if they are caught by the police!

Such provocation and thuggery are unacceptable in our peaceful country!

The police should investigate the MB and charge him for using his position as a state leader to instigate political violence.

Youths are not to be exploited by politicians. They should not be encouraged, not least instructed to cultivate destructive behavior.

This episode reveals the kind of politics anticipating our nation should Barisan Nasional continues to rule. Not only youths continue to be the ruling party’s exploit, but an aggressive and violent culture, absence of civility, will thrive.

Joshua Woo is the youth chief of Dapsy Bukit Mertajam