Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The SOS messages sent out by DAP Penang has shown that Penang is not DAP’s Fixed Deposit state, and we want all Penangites to come home and come out to vote with a higher turnout as a way to ensure the continuity of our good governance and people-oriented administration.

Whilst DAP Penang has to defend all 19 incumbent state seats we won in Penang in the last two elections, we don’t understand why Penang BN Chairman claims that this is our strategy to kill off MCA and Gerakan in this election?

Throughout the election campaign, MCA and Gerakan have focused on the fact they have not had a single breakthrough in all their seats contested in Penang. Is this not another BN method of fishing for sympathy votes from our fellow Penangites?

Before any official election result is being announced, no one can claim the victory in this GE14. If DAP Penang has concerns in our ability to keep the state power, we should not be blamed for sending out SOS messages to mobilise our supporters for the polling day.

Teng Chang Yeow should not be arrogant in allowing MCA and Gerakan candidates to fish for sympathy votes, but at the same time condemning the SOS messages sent out by DAP Penang? Is this the so-called level playing field set up by BN for all the contesting parties in this GE14?

We should not underestimate our opponents or be over-confident. We should fight our enemies until the end, until the moment a clear winner is announced. Even though DAP Penang has made a clean sweep of all the seats we have contested in Penang, but it is still not our safe haven and definitely not our Fixed Deposit state.

If Penang is a Fixed Deposit state for DAP, why should MCA and Gerakan nominate their candidates for contesting this GE14? In fact, BN also threw its solid support behind all the newly-formed political parties, including MU, PFP, PAP, together with PRM or PSM as a way to split the Chinese votes in Penang.

In the last 10 years, there were at least 10 UMNO state assembly persons being elected to Penang State Legislative Assembly. But Teng Chang Yeow claimed that there was zero check and balance from these UMNO opposition members, or in other words, have the UMNO opposition members been working at all?

Teng Chang Yeow claimed there is a need for Chinese opposition members to be elected either from MCA and Gerakan, due to the failure and non-performance of UMNO assembly persons who were sitting in the state assembly.

Such a shocking revelation by Teng Chang Yeow is definitely a big slap on the face of his UMNO counterparts. Do you think such a failure can be overcome by any other MCA or Gerakan elected reps overnight, if BN does not even know how to perform as an effective opposition party inside or outside the state assembly for the last 10 years.

We would believe that BN may stand a chance to win over the Penang state power, by ensuring UMNO winning all 15 state seats it contested in Penang, together with at least another 6 state seats to be won by MCA or Gerakan through a lot of sympathy votes thrown in by our fence-sitters, or those who may not happy with state government’s administration or certain decisions made in the past.

The immediate rebuttal of Teng Chang Yeow towards the SOS messages sent out by DAP Penang, has clearly shown that we have anticipated their grand strategy in winning the Penang state power. We urge more and more Penangites to come home and come out to vote, to ensure a good state government like Pakatan Harapan could be retained through this GE14 for another 5 years in Penang.