Wed. May 29th, 2024

Media Statement from Teh Lai Heng (political secretary to Penang Chief Minister), dated 7 July 2020:

Response to Gerakan’s Oh Tong Keong’s baseless comment on Penang State Government’s post-Covid-19 recovery effort

Gerakan’s allegations that the Penang State Government has not given attention to rebuild tourism sector and local economy are baseless.

Gerakan should instead question the Perikatan Nasional Federal Government since they are the one that deprived funds to rebuild Penang’s tourism sector by cancelling the RM100 million allocation for Penang Hill cable car system.

Penang State Government under Pakatan Harapan has been aggressively rebuilding the tourism sector and the economy in the state. Even when international travel is still largely inactive, the State Government has been in close correspondence with various countries in preparation to resume operation immediately when the pandemic is over, reviving multilateral tourism economy.

For Oh Tong Keong to raise suspicion over Penang government’s effort in rebuilding the affected sector shows that he has not been paying attention to the various initiatives undertaken by the office of YB Yeoh Soon Hin, State EXCO for Tourism Development, Arts, Culture and Heritage.

As part of the efforts to reboot the hospitality industry, Penang government is waiving hotel fee charges for six months, from 1st of July to 31st of December 2020.

The George Town World Heritage Incorporated has allocated RM1 million to help traditional traders and craftsmen located at the heart of George Town.

The Penang Global Tourism, under the State Government, has launched a dedicated website to revive the state’s tourism.

Taking a step forward, this year’s George Town Festival has also been digitised to promote Penang through the internet to the whole world in order to increase future visit. The State Government is already working to attract tourists from around the globe in anticipation of the opening of international borders.

With regards to the concerns raised over the Bayan Lepas Light Rail Transit (LRT), Pan-Island Link 1 and 2 (PIL1 and PIL2), and the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) projects, I want to remind Gerakan that these initiatives have been in preparation for many years. They are important to address the present and future traffic demands and development in the state, to serve the people of Penang.

Infrastructural development must continue for the long-term benefits of Penang’s people. The state’s infrastructures need constant upgrading to better serve Penangites today, tomorrow and the days to come. As a responsible State Government, we do not neglect the overall long-term development of the state while simultaneously working hard to reboot the tourism sector.

I wonder if that was the principle of Gerakan when they were in power, that they only focused on addressing one sector while ignoring and neglecting other required development in Penang.

Teh Lai Heng
Political Secretary to Penang Chief Minister
State Assemblyperson Komtar






他也指出,峇六拜轻快铁(BL LRT)、槟城第一与第2A泛岛大道计划(PIL 1、PIL 2A)和槟岛南端填海计划(PSR)都不是新的计划,州政府已经在筹备及策划多年,作为舒缓槟城严重的交通阻塞问题,对全体槟州子民以及到访游客而言都是相当重要的工程。