Penang government ready to work with MACC to ensure corrupted officers are dealt with severely: CM Kon Yeow

Press Statement by YAB Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang
Komtar, George Town, 30 September 2022:

Penang welcomes MACC’s investigation of the crime of corruption involving civil servants in the state as this is in line with the CAT principles of good governance; competency, accountability and transparency practised since 2008.

No one is above the law and civil servants, whether from Federal, state or local authorities and agencies, found to be involved in accepting bribes, abuse of power and making false claims must be investigated and charged as soon as possible. 

At the same time, the Penang State Government wants MACC to be transparent in revealing the number of cases brought to the courts and the number of civil servants found guilty.

We demand transparency on the part of MACC as we do not want the image of Penang civil servants and the state government to be tarnished only by account of the number of complaints received since 2019.

The Penang State Government is ready to work with MACC to ensure that officers involved in corrupt practices be dealt with severely.



槟州欢迎马来西亚反贪污委员会对州内涉及贪腐的公务员展开调查,因为这符合了槟州政府自2008年倡导的“能干、 问责与透明”(CAT)理念。






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