Fri. May 31st, 2024

Press Statement by Daniel Gooi, Penang State Assemblyman for Pengkalan Kota on 27 October 2019 (Sunday) in George Town, Penang:

I wish to refer to statement by Khoo Salma Nasution on 26 October 2019, which she proposed that the Penang Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow to initiate a debate with Penang Forum.

In the said statement, she also accused that the Penang State Government has not responded to her inquiries in relation to the LRT project.

In fact, numerous effort have been made by the Penang State Government in engaging the civil societies for the LRT project since the formation of Penang Transport Council. Engagement sessions involving members of Penang Forum were organised after the Penang Transport Master Plan was adopted by the State Government since 2015.

Individuals from Penang Forum have had the opportunity to speak at these events. In fact, besides transport-related platforms, various civil groups were invited to the Penang2030 stakeholder engagement session last year, where Khoo Salma Nasution had also participated.

Moreover, the State Government had provide explanation and clarification whenever Penang Forum made baseless claims. But unfortunately, when explanations are made by the State Government, quite often it did not please Penang Forum. In fact, lies and misleading statements were often used by this group of individuals to tarnish the State Government and our effort to provide a holistic traffic solution for the people of Penang via the Penang Transport Master Plan.

In fact in the recent Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF) held in Penang, Khoo Salma Nasution had also attended and repeated her various baseless claims, attempting to stop development in Penang.

Enough is enough. By trying to hook themselves up with a debate with the Chief Minister is part of their agenda to get some lime light for them to keep telling lies and misleading facts.

These individuals have always put on their agenda to see Penang fail as a state, particularly in putting up negative comments when the state has successfully restored Sia Boey and Prangin Canal, as well as to try to create fear that shores at Clan Jetties were ‘polluted’ where by it is a only a normal phenomenon during certain time of the month.

The Penang State Government is committed to Penang’s sustainable development, by addressing the needs of Penangites without jeopardising our environment. We are answerable to the present and future needs of Penangites especially in developing a feasible and lasting transport infrastructure, or risk being voted out in the coming General Elections. Unlike individuals representing Penang Forum who are not accountable and will not get voted out even when there is no development happen in Penang.