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Penang Chief Minister Sdr Chow Kon Yeow shared his thoughts in a feature article on Kwong Wah Yit Poh (published on 5 July 2019).

How is the State Government doing? After more than a year in office, I hope my State Exco members are focusing their minds and energies to deliver their respective mandate.

The weekly State Executive Council meeting is important because it is the platform for us and the other three ex-officio members to discuss the affairs of the State and give the go-ahead in any policy direction.

The meeting is usually held on Wednesday to be in line with the Federal Cabinet meeting schedule. However, when Parliament sits, the Federal Cabinet meeting is moved to Friday and we also follow suit. If needed, it can be held on any day of the week as there is no restriction.

Each Exco member has the opportunity to give his or her input into any subject matter being deliberated or proposed.

Each of us has been assigned several portfolios and therefore must be responsible for anything that comes under our responsibilities. However, all of us are collectively responsible for all the decisions made by the Executive Council. It is the same for every State.

This is the best place to test your leadership quality as you get a chance to propose a new policy but that also means one has to get the support of the rest.

You may get the support if the Executive Council accepts your idea as feasible and its implementation will bring good results for the people and the State.

It may, however, also be rejected or put on hold due to various reasons and the Exco member will have to relook the proposal and come back with an improved version.

The Exco meeting is the place for us to be an all-rounder on all the issues and this is the place for one to learn about the workings of the government and be familiar with on-going issues.

I have learned a lot from such meetings and when called upon to make difficult decisions, I have to draw from the precedents and existing laws and policy position.

Land and legal matters are permanent items for deliberation in the Executive Council meeting as this is where final decisions have to be made.

The Executive Council will also have to monitor the performances of the agencies and GLCs and they are invited from time to time to present issues for the attention of the State Government.

Federal agencies may also request to present new laws or regulations for the consent of the State Government. Likewise, private sectors may also be invited to present their proposals for our consideration and approval.

There are a lot to be done for Penang. Exco members, let us all rise up to the occasion and deliver our best for the people.

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行政议会会议通常在周三召开,以迎合联邦内阁会议的时间。 当国会召开时,内阁会议将改至周五进行,我们也会效仿之而将会议改期。由于没有时间与日子上的限制,若有需要,行政议会会议可以在每周的任何一天被召开。