Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

CIMB Bank chairperson Nazir Razak refusal to participate in UMNO’s racist and extremist personal attacks on Robert Kuok, by instead describing him as a patriot, the icon of Malaysian business and a first-class gentleman, shows that Nazir would make a better Prime Minister than his older brother. The Prime Minister had allowed Umno top leaders ranging from Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Nazri Abdul Aziz and Azalina Othman to make vicious personal attacks that has no basis against Rober Kuok.

The attack on Kuok began when a pro-UMNO cyber-trooper, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, wrote a fake news alleging that the tycoon was funding DAP and The Malaysian Insight, with the intention of toppling Umno from power. Following this, Even Nazir’s elder brother, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, also got into the act against Robert Kuok

What is disappointing is MCA’s failure or fear of standing up to UMNO against such bullying of both DAP and Robert Kuok with such blatant lies. Instead of demanding in Cabinet that UMNO apologises for their racist and extremist attacks against UMNO, MCA is now trying to whitewash UMNO by claiming that it is not UMNO that is the problem but only one Minister!

This is a dishonest act of deception by MCA, when they were so many top UMNO leaders who attacked Robert Kuok. Clearly, by not pulling out of BN, both MCA and Gerakan are putting principle ahead of position of power, right ahead of wrong, fairplay ahead of bullying.

UMNO is most ungrateful when they have benefited from receiving donations from Robert Kuok. Instead they have falsely attacked DAP for taking donations from Robert Kuok, when DAP did not receive any. Robert Kuok admitted giving donations to UMNO and MCA in his memoir released last December. The exact words as published at page 260 of his memoir reads –

“I was often asked to give substantial donations to the ruling parties, UMNO and MCA, after independence in 1957. I gave willingly, happily and freely.”

However all Robert Kuok got back in return for giving to UMNO willingly, happily and freely, is not gratitude but so much bullying and hatred. Malaysians, particularly the Chinese community, are angry and will not easily forget how UMNO exploits such fake news and ferocious personal attacks with calls for removal of citizenship, to bully a successful Chinese entrepreneur who is also an iconic figure in Malaysia.

To stay in power, BN is willing to play with racial fire and burn down the country. However, DAP believes that Malaysians will not allow BN to burn down the country and shall replace this corrupt, divisive and destructive force with a diverse, multi-racial and principled coalition. Let Pakatan unite Malaysians to deal with the real issues of economy and livelihood faced by ordinary Malaysians who eat rice and not quinoa.