Fri. May 31st, 2024

An opinion article published by Sinar Harian on 19 August 2019 questioned the mySalam scheme as a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

Written by Ab Jalil Backer, the President of Angkatan Karyawan Nasionalis (Akar), the article made a number of false allegations clearly indicating no knowledge on the facts pertaining to the scheme.

This health protection scheme is a non-profit takaful scheme. It is offered by the Government for eligible recipients from the B40 group, benefitting approximately 3.8 million individuals.

The Government once again reiterates that there is no profit element for any insurance companies through mySalam. Any remaining unclaimed premium paid to the takaful company and accrued interest from savings, will be fully reimbursed to the mySalam Trust Fund.

The cynical allegations in the opinion article published by Sinar Harian are absolutely false.

The Ministry of Finance and Bank Negara Malaysia have undertaken comprehensive studies and assessments to ensure that mySalam is wholly beneficial to the rakyat.

Information about this scheme can be easily accessed through the mySalam website at

Such articles founded on false facts and sensational “click-bait” headlines are merely intended to dispel the benefits enjoyed by the rakyat through the scheme. The Government is always concerned about the financial burden faced by the rakyat, particularly in times of unforeseen health emergencies.

Ministry of Finance
21 August 2019