Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Over the past 48 hours, the people of Penang have pulled together to help each other through the worst flood crisis in recent memory.

Thanks to generous and swift response of kind donors we have received an overwhelming amount of food items.

It is more than sufficient for distribution to flood victims at the moment.

From our ground visits, victims tell us that food items are no longer needed.

We are now appealing for the following needs:

1) Cleaning kits (Water jets, cleaning equipment, hose, stiff broom, gloves, shovels etc)

2) Lorries and large vehicles to clear rubbish and fallen trees

3) Volunteers to help clean flood-affected homes

4) Cash

Well-wishers who want to donate to the Penang Storm and Flood Relief Fund can make cheques payable to DAP Penang at No.3, Jalan Rangoon, Georgetown or bank in to:

DAP Penang
Maybank 5070-1301-4596

Enquiries: DAP Penang Headquarters 04-2288 482

All donations will be handed over to the state government for distribution.

Together, we will rebuild, restore, and rise again. Penang, we will get through this.

Lim Hui Ying