Tue. Apr 16th, 2024


The Kedah Criminal Investigation Department must take the necessary steps to investigate an incident in Alor Setar yesterday where it was reported that a 21 year old was shot in the hand by a traffic enforcement officer while riding pillion on a motorcycle at Jalan Langgar there.

It is highly unusual for traffic enforcement officers to open fire in the course of their duty and the Department must clarify if the said officer had complied with the necessary Standard Operating Procedures when he used his firearm.

Reports so far suggest that the youth was on a motorcycle that had run a red light, causing the said officer to pursue them.

If investigations reveal that the life of the said officer was not in danger since the said motorcycle had sped away from him, there ought to have been no justifiable reason for him to have opened fire as his life was clearly not in danger at the time.

I understand the youth has suffered serious injuries to his hand and is now warded at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital. It is hoped that he recovers swiftly from this.

The use of firearms in public by the police or any enforcement officer must be controlled and restricted in only cases in which their safety is gravely in danger, which might not have been so in this case.

Further, it must be remembered that other road users could have been injured in this incident and the use of firearms, especially in non-life threatening situations cannot be condoned.

In the circumstances, I urge Kedah CID Chief Mior Farid Al Althrash to publicly state the status of investigations into this case so far and if disciplinary action against the said officer is warranted as a result of the said investigations.

Dated this 20th June, 2019.