Wed. May 29th, 2024

Two DAP MPs have urged the health ministry and other authorities to take stringent action against websites selling abortion pills, which they claimed had led to five deaths recently.

Batu Kawan MP Sdri Kasthuriraani Patto and Bukit Gelugor MP Sdr Ramkarpal Singh said authorities had failed to monitor the number of websites promoting and selling such products and medicines.

“Mifepristone is a medicine used to abort the foetus. It is not registered in Malaysia, so its sale is prohibited at any clinics and pharmacies,” Kasthuri said after she and Ramkarpal lodged a police report against the sale of the abortion pills at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters here today.

“There are people, probably including doctors, who obtain them through suspicious sources and sell them anyway. They can also easily be obtained through websites which have no accreditation.

“There are other medicines like misoprostol used to abort the foetus although their primary purpose is treatment for ulcers.”

Kasthuri said the pills cost between RM400 and RM630, depending on the age of the foetus.

She said what was worrying was that consumers, especially young girls, were taking the medication without proper consultation, which could endanger their lives.

“There are also sellers who post testimonies or responses from their customers on their web pages to encourage others to buy,” she said.

She urged authorities to clamp down on unauthorised sales, saying that despite warnings and raids, such businesses were still operating actively.

“There is a need to address the issue before it is too late and more young girls fall victim.

“The health ministry should work with other ministries and authorities to check such illegal sales,” she said.

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