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Media Statement | 6 July 2021 | JOMcare!

Menstruation is an important physiological phenomenon for women. It is a normal and natural process which occurs every month until she reaches menopause. On average, a woman will have approximately 500 periods in her lifetime which is equivalent to about 3,500 days. That is around 10 years of a woman’s life that will be spent menstruating!

With the ongoing economic ramifications of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the income of some households are greatly affected and they may even struggle to put food on the table. Affected households will look for ways to reduce household expenditure to ensure they are able to survive for another day. However, menstrual hygiene should not be neglected just to make ends meet.

Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to fungal or bacterial infections of the reproductive and urinary tracts. It can also cause skin irritation and discomfort which can result in dermatitis, a medical condition where the skin swells and becomes sore with blisters. As such, sanitary napkins are essential even in hard times to maintain good menstrual hygiene.

However, sanitary napkins can put a strain on a family’s finances especially if they are already finding it difficult to make ends meet. On average, a woman needs to use 3 to 5 sanitary napkins a day. Periods can last up to 8 days which means up to 40 sanitary napkins may be used each month. With sanitary napkins costing RM1 each on average including pantyliner, around RM40 per month would need to be put aside to ensure menstrual hygiene is not compromised.

Women are the pillars of every family. As mothers, wives and daughters, they care for us unconditionally and ensure each household member is safe and healthy always. As a father, a husband and a son, I strongly believe that menstrual hygiene is extremely important for all women. It is now our turn to look after the health of the women in our lives. 

Therefore, I am very proud to support JPWK Tanjong Bunga’s programme JOMcare! where we show our appreciation for the mothers, wives and daughters in our lives who tirelessly put everyone else’s needs first and also to educate the younger generations on the importance of menstrual hygiene. A total of 100 needy recipients will receive a women’s care kit containing 3 different types of sanitary napkins, menstrual tablets and vitamins.

Let’s keep the women in our lives healthy and strong always.

Zairil Khir Johari
Penang State EXCO for Infrastructure and Transport cum State Assemblyman for Tanjong Bunga