Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


The broadcasting live of recorded telephone conversations between parties claimed to be the former Prime Minister and others by the MACC is improper and regretted.

It has to be said that Latheefa Koya should not have done so as this can amount to a trial by media of those implicated in the said recordings.

No doubt, we all want to know and get to the bottom of what was allegedly said in the said recordings and whether or not the individuals involved are responsible for any offence which may have been committed but that is the job of the courts, not the media or for that matter, any agency investigating the individuals purportedly in the said recordings.

Spying on people in their telephone conversations may be unconstitutional although it may be provided for in law today.

I personally feel it is unconstitutional and cannot be condoned as it very much infringes our right to privacy.

Whether or not such conversations evidences criminal offences is for the MACC or the police to investigate and present in court.

If such a trend were to continue, we will soon see alleged criminals being found guilty in a press conference and not a court of law.

If there is evidence against the individuals implicated in the said recordings, charge them and present those recordings in court as evidence for its consideration.

Those accused would have every right to challenge those recordings and it would be for the court to decide if such a challenge is sustainable or not.

It is not for the government to dictate how the MACC goes about its affairs as it is an independent agency but the rule of law must be observed and the actions of the MACC here are inconsistent with it.

Dated this 9th of January, 2020.