Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 27.2.2018.

If MCA And Gerakan Fails To Get The Cabinet To Direct Both UMNO And MIC To Apologise For Its Rabid Attacks, And Stop Its Fake News That Robert Kuok Donated Money To DAP To Replace The BN Government, Then Both Should Break Off With UMNO And Withdraw From BN.

If MCA and Gerakan fails to get the Cabinet at its weekly meeting tomorrow, to direct both UMNO and MIC to apologise for its rabid attacks on Robert Kuok and stop its fake news that Robert Kuok donated money to DAP to replace the BN government, then both should break off with UMNO and withdraw from BN. UMNO supported by MIC has been going on a rampage against Robert Kuok on a false allegation and fake news.

Robert Kuok is not just the richest Malaysian but a Malaysian icon because of his successes outside Malaysia that enabled him to become a billionaire. To make false and racist attacks for political mileage is a betrayal of truth and a patriotic Malaysian spirit. Such wild and irresponsible attacks on both Robert Kuok and the DAP is dangerous and seditious because it is intended to escalate, heighten and poison racial harmony and relations amongst Malaysians.

Even if Robert Kuok had indeed donated money to the DAP, this is nothing wrong in a democracy. But such attacks takes a racial and extremist turn, when Robert Kuok has not given DAP any donation. Robert Kuok has also forcefully denied UMNO’s allegations. But why are political donations to the opposition considered such a big issue, when the Prime Minister receiving RM2.6 billion is not considered important? This is not only a clear case of double-standards, but an extreme case of bullying of an ethnic Malaysian minority.

As Secretary-General and the top leader of the DAP, I would know if Robert Kuok had made donations to us. Apparently UMNO knows more than DAP that Robert Kuok has donated money to DAP. Up to now, no proof has been shown by UMNO except to challenge DAP to prove otherwise. This is ridiculous and is no different from UMNO alleging that DAP murdered the Mongolian Model Altatunya and challenging us to prove otherwise.

I regret that MIC is also aping UMNO to attack Robert Kuok and the DAP. As an ethnic minority themselves, they should know better than “to diminish” themselves by participating in this political and racial lynching by UMNO against Robert Kuok and the DAP.

Such fake news and ferocious personal attacks with calls for removal of citizenship or challenges to contest in general elections, has angered not only the Chinese community, but also Malaysians generally. Would both MCA and Gerakan dare to put principle ahead of position of power, put right ahead of wrong, put fairplay ahead of bullying, by pulling out of BN?

To stay in power, BN is willing to play with racial fire and burn down the country. However, DAP believes that Malaysians will not allow BN to burn down the country and shall replace this corrupt, divisive and destructive force with a diverse, multi-racial and principled coalition. Let Pakatan unite Malaysians to deal with the real issues of economy and livelihood faced by ordinary Malaysians who eat rice and not quinoa.