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Press Statement by Penang Chief Minister and DAP Penang Chairman Chow Kon Yeow in KOMTAR, George Town, Penang on 23 November 2018

I wish to clarify that during my speech at the Penang DAP Convention on Sunday, 18 November 2018, I have never labelled NGOs as the “new opposition” nor mention that NGOs have taken political opposition’s place by being critical of the state’s infrastructure plan. We cannot control how the news are reported in media, but it is highly irresponsible to twist my statement and presenting doubts in an attempt to give a negative perception.

We are still looking forward to cooperating and work with the NGOs in the state, however not at the sake of being blamed for something that we had never said.

Here is the original extract of my speech on 18 November 2018 at 10am during Penang DAP Convention:


Political scenario in Penang after GE 14

The Opposition was almost wiped out in Penang with Umno retaining two State seats with PAS securing one by default following the disqualification of a Parti Bersatu candidate.

The Opposition is still trying to play a more meaningful role in the State Assembly and thus far has not been able to damper our strong performance in the State Assembly.

Other Opposition parties are still recovering from their third electoral defeats. The Parti Gerakan has since left the Barisan Nasional to be on their own and not expected to pose a serious threat in the short term.

Other minor Opposition parties are still in the doldrums and not seen in the public realms since the general election.

In the meanwhile, the various component parties are in the process of strengthening their organisations and we expect a more cordial working relationship inside and outside the Government.

However, in recent months the NGO movements have been vocal and critical about the Penang State Government due to the proposed implementation of the Penang Transport Master Plan projects and also two recent incidents of landslide at project sites which killed 20 construction workers.

As such, the party is always mindful of our role in government and would perform our best to maintain the support and trust of the people.


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The State Government welcomes critical views and constructive opinions but let it be based on actuals facts and data.