George Town Heritage Celebrations 2019 attracts millions of visitors to its festival

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2019 promotes unity in diversity.

[Video]George Town Heritage Celebrations 2019 promotes unity in diversity.======================充满多元民族特色的乔治市展现了别具一格的魅力,而这些传统习俗也应该被保留并传承下去。

Posted by Buletin Mutiara on Saturday, 6 July 2019

People from near and far thronged the George Town World Heritage Site enclave here this evening to experience the multicultural traditions in Penang.

The streets in George Town came alive with the melodious sound of kompang (handheld drum), the Hanagasa Ondo folk song from Japan, and many other community-powered workshops.

The George Town Heritage Celebrations 2019, themed ‘Let’s Celebrate – Rituals and Festive Events’, is organised by the George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI).

The Street Festival, which was part of the celebration, drew thousands of visitors to the event.

Celebration-goers were able to take part in 22 interactive community workshops besides deepening their knowledge in traditions and cultures.

Cultural performances at the main stage in Armenian Park and the dance floor in Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling showcased the George Town’s rich cultural diversity.

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以“同欢共庆–仪式与节庆”(Rituals and Festive Events)为主题的乔治市入遗庆典今日在乔治市古迹区热闹掀开序幕,吸引约2万人共襄盛举,不同民族的节庆仪式及舞蹈轮番上演,使整个乔治市街道蜕变为热闹欢腾及盛大节庆现场。





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