Wed. May 29th, 2024

Just four days after “Pengeluaran Undi Pos” held on 30 April, we have received more than a dozen complaints from postal voters whose ballot envelop does not indicate the address for the ballot paper to be delivered back.


Postal vote envelope usually states the gazetted address of the Returning Officer to receive back the ballot. Postal voters, after indicated their choice of representative, should not be deterred by any hassle or doubt of where should they deliver their ballot to.


Many voters have contacted the DAP Service centers requesting for assistance. The uncertainties caused by the absence of address on the ballot envelope has caused unnecessary distress for postal voters and disrupted the postal voting process!


Why is the Election Commission (EC) jeopardizing our democracy? Is this another indication of the incompetency of the Election Commission (EC)?


Or is this another trick orchestrated by the EC to hinder Rakyat who are currently overseas from voting, besides setting Wednesday, a mid-week work day, as polling day?


Instead of disrupting the election process, the EC should facilitate and advance voters’ participation. Sadly, the problem at hand and several precedents have shown that the EC has betrayed the democratic principles again and again, of which it exists to uphold.


The EC must look into this and provide an immediate solution to rectify the problem!