Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Penang DAP Backbenchers’s Statement:Diverting GST Collection to Operational and Development Fund Is Indeed Unlawful, Unethical

Malaysian Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee has confirmed that the funds supposed to be credited into GST Refund Trust Account, were channelled into Govt’s consolidated fund for operational and development expenses. Barisan Nasional, which recently appointed Najib as its advisor, as expected following the latter’s tactic of confusing the people with constant conning.

Although, Barisan Nasional trying to justify the robbery of the GST refund money, by hiding behind technicalities, the fact remains; that is, Barisan Nasional Govt unlawfully misused the funds for operational and development purposes. Justifying the unlawful act as necessary move is indeed unethical. But, we are aware, that ethics is a difficult thing for Najib and Co to possess.

Former Customs Director General has confirmed in the PAC hearing that his department had deliberately delayed the process of GST refunds, as the trust fund had no money in it. On May 31, 2018 the account only had a balance of RM152 million, while the refund claims were amounting to RM19.4 Billion.

This is due to the Barisan Nasional Govt being broke at that that particular moment, and decided to channel the refund money into Federal Govt’s consolidated account for operational and development purposes. Former DG Dato Seri Subromaniam has revealed that there were businesses who were unable to claim their refund for more than two years, due to the BN Govt’s abuse of the fund.

There is a possibility that the money was gone forever, if wouldn’t for Pakatan Harapan surprise win on May 9th, 2018. According to the PAC Report tabled in Parliament, the Attorney General has confirmed that there are elements of crime that warrants police investigation into the matter. Why Najib’s administration diverted the fund meant for GST Refund to consolidated revenue account, for operational and development expenses?

Najib was boasting up till to the GE14 that the country’s fiscal condition is healthy. But, looking at the PAC report and testimony by the officers, in specific former DG of Treasury, the fiscal condition was made to look healthy by Najib’s administration, by diverting the GST refund money. If not because of Pakatan Harapan Govt’s effort to correct the wrong, those businesses which were waiting for months and years for their refund wouldn’t have got the money at all.

Najib and Co now may try to evade the question of robbery of GST refund, by hiding behind the technicalities, but would have conveniently forgot about the refund, would BN returned to power on May 9th, 2018. Thanks to the people of Malaysia, the lies of Najib’s regime are being exposed and the money that belongs to people are being returned.

From Sdr Teh Lai Heng’s Facebook post:




马来西亚皇家关税局前总监在公共账目委员会听证会上证实,其部门故意推迟消费税退款流程,是因为消费税退款基金信托户口内没有钱。 2018年5月31日,该基金的余额仅为1亿5200万令吉,而退款申请则达到了194亿令吉。