Fri. May 31st, 2024

Press statement by Chong Eng on 6 Aug 2021
Chief of Women’s Wing under Pakatan Harapan
Chairperson of DAP Women’s Wing
Penang EXCO for Social Development & Non-Islamic Religious Affairs
Padang Lalang State Assemblyperson

DAP Women’s Wing supports schoolgirl Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam who is slapped with RM1 million defamation suit for speaking up against an inappropriate rape joke

I am deeply disappointed to know that Ain, who is bold to be a whistle blower in exposing an inappropriate rape joke in school, is now being sued by her teacher for defamation.

Since exposing the inappropriate rape joke, Ain has been subjected to rape threat and police investigations.

While the Ministry of Education claimed that action had been taken against the teacher by transferring the latter to the state education department, Ain seems to have landed herself into more trouble with the school authorities and even received a letter of demand for the alleged defamatory statement now.

Isn’t this the case of a whistle blower being punished for speaking up while the offender is spared from facing the music?

The society does not seem to support a schoolgirl who has the courage to speak up but condone a teacher for his inappropriate rape joke.

That is why many victims opt to suffer in silence and do not speak up, for fear of facing repercussions, and worse still, made a victim.

Such development would deter others in the same situation in school from speaking up.

Ain has the right to speak up and she has done the right thing.

But it looks like Ain, who is still a teenager, will have to pay a hefty price for speaking up.

Aren’t we supposed to make school a safe place for our children and discourage all forms of harassment and intimidation?

I urge the school and Ministry of Education to take a serious view on the matter and put a stop on such unhealthy trend of condoning teachers, even if they are found to have behaved in an inappropriate manner.

Sexist remarks or jokes are found in schools, workplace and even in parliament.

The Standing Orders of Parliament was also amended to deter members of parliament from uttering sexist remarks.

We should be supporting Ain for speaking up instead of punishing her.

It is time for us to make a stand against such sexist behaviour which has become a norm due to our inaction or passiveness.

Assuming such behaviour as normal, perpetrators continue with their act, with the perception that they have the authority to do so.



民主行动党妇女组支持女学生艾因, 不向百万毁谤赔偿低头。



虽然教育部声称已对教师采取行动,将后者调职到州教育部门,但 艾因似乎给自己带来了更多麻烦,与学校当局纠缠,甚至现在收到了一封关于涉嫌诽谤,索赔百万的律师信.











因为我们的·沉默和被动, 这种性别歧视行为已经成为一种平常事,是时候站出来提出抗议,杜绝类似言论及行为、