Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The DAP is willing to comply with the Registrar of Societies’ (RoS) instruction to conduct another election for its central executive committee (CEC), a party leader said today.

However, its national organising secretary Anthony Loke Siew Fook insisted that if it does hold the internal polls, it will be under protest.

He said the party had voiced the matter in a letter containing explanation to all issues raised by the RoS pertaining to its 2012 party elections, submitted this morning.

“We rebutted all the allegations… and explained in the letter that they had no basis for telling us to hold re-election,” Loke told Malay Mail Online after submitting the letter to RoS’ headquarters here.

“We are prepared to have re-election [but] under protest,” he added.

The DAP handed the letter in person after RoS director-general Datuk Muhammad Razin Abdullah said the federal Opposition party can just write in if it wanted any clarification to the reelection for its CEC.

The RoS had deemed the election of DAP’s CEC members and key positions through the re-election on September 29, 2013 as unlawful. The re-election was held after the RoS ruled the 2012 polls as invalid due to a tabulation error.

But the party insisted that the reelection was done in compliance with all RoS laws and believed the latest directive was politically motivated.

Loke said today the party had also provided details requested by the RoS, including the name list of delegates who were eligible for voting in the 2013 party polls.

RoS previously said that a complaint questioning the eligibility of some delegates to vote was among the reasons why the DAP 2013 reelection had been nullified.

“We have submitted the list of the delegates as requested… but we still demand that RoS meet us to thrash out all the issues,” Loke said.


Malay Version:

DAP telah menghantar surat rasmi kepada ROS pada 21 Julai 2017 menjawab segala tuduhan palsu ROS serta menjelaskan bahawa ROS tidak patut mengarahkan DAP membuat pemilihan semula.

DAP selama ini telah mematuhi segala peraturan ROS.

Namun, DAP bersedia untuk mematuhi arahan ROS untuk mengadakan pemilihan semula walaupun hanya akan berbuat demikian dalam keadaan protes.

Pemimpinan parti bertegas untuk berjumpa ROS demi mendapatkan penyelesaian isu ini.


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