Fri. May 31st, 2024

BN through its control of the mass media and relevant authorities have conducted a vicious witch hunt to tarnish the image of the Penang state government, and smear the reputation of the Chief Minister and State EXCOs with false allegations of corruption relating to the RM6.3 billion tunnel and 3 main highway project. Up till now, neither MCA Deputy President Wee Ka Siong nor MACC, can prove or answer the following 3 questions.

  • How can there be corruption when the project was granted by open tender? Even payment to contractors is not decided by the state government but by an independent checking engineer, appointed also by open tender by the state government. To-date the independent checking engineer has not been arrested by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC).
  • Issued challenges to BN to name which Penang state government leader had corruptly accepted millions of ringgit for this project. BN’s failure and refusal contrasts with Pakatan leaders boldly naming the corrupt leader behind the 1MDB financial scandal that has turned Malaysia into a global kleptocracy. If Pakatan dares to do so, why is BN or Wee scared to do the same?;
  • Prove BN’s lies that the the minimum paid-up capital requirement of RM381 million was not fulfilled, when the Penang Tender Committee headed by Penang state secretary Dato Seri Farizan bin Darus, awarded this open tender to Zenith Consortium. Even MACC, that has unjustly hounded the Penang state government over this non-existent scandal, does not question the fact that the minimum capital requirement of RM381 million was fulfilled by Zenith Consortium.


Upon failing to answer just these 3 questions, the BN media is dishonestly trying to link me to the shocking revelations that RM 22 million was paid, to those who are said to be closely connected to BN. This is another classic case of innocent parties (in this case the Penang state government) who are clean, being made the scapegoat for culprits closely connected to BN who got RM22 million.


To try to whitewash BN, the BN media is now spinning the story to imply and insinuate that the Indian businessman allegedly involved in receiving RM 19 million is a buddy of mine. This is a blatant lie. The BN media’s claim that he is my buddy and have dealings with me is solely based on photographs he has taken with me. Never mind that the Indian businessman has also taken photographs with BN people. Classic case of double-standards that it is Ok when pictures are taken with BN but not with me.


This is not only ridiculous but a disgusting attempt to smear me and turn the Indian businessman, who is a strong BN supporter, into my buddy. I have said that I have taken many photographs with many personalities, and can not recall how many times or where each and every photograph was taken. I have taken photos in all sorts of situations, including in a car.


Is The BN Media Getting Leaked Photos From The Authorities Or From The Indian Businessman Suspected Of Receiving RM19 Million From Zenith Consortium?



In this case, there may be more than 2 photographs I have taken with the Indian businessman, and perhaps even more photos taken with his wife and family members. So what is ordinary commont to me will lead the BN media to ask next why I am taking photos with his wife and family members.


Does the act of taking photos with him, his wife and family makes both of us close buddies? If taking photo with his wife also makes us buddies, then will the BN media also print photos of his wife with other BN leaders(attached). Will the BN media question and seek explanations from the BN Minister about them taking photos with the Indian businessman’s wife?


Looking at so many photos of his wife with BN leaders, it is clear that both of them are strong BN supporters. No wonder the Indian businessman was appointed as a director of a major publicly listed company.That is why the BN media is advised to remember “not to throw stones when you live in glass houses”.


Further, I have also being photographed with Goh Choon Lye, a bankrupt who is closely associated with 1MDB. Using the latest BN perverse logic, does this mean that the Penang CM is a buddy of Goh Choon Lai and that I am connected to 1MDB too?


However, me taking a photo with Goh, did not prevent Goh from leading a concerted campaign, and spending up to RM40 million of 1MDB money, to try to defeat me in my Air Putih constituency during the 2013 general elections. Goh Choon Lye has never explained and the BN media has never asked, where Goh got the RM40 million? I will not be surprised if the Indian businessman or his wife, does what Goh Choon Lye had did to me, in the coming general elections.


The final question is who is leaking these photos to the BN media when only the Indian businessman, who was arrested by the MACC, has them in his handphone. Even I do not have them. BN’s attempt to pass off BN’s scandals as Pakatan scandals will not work, when the people can see the BN Federal government for the global kleptocaracy that it is.