Wed. May 29th, 2024

I am surprised that MACC appears “comfortable” with extensive press reports in the BN mass media, of MACC investigations into the tunnel and 3 main highways project, which is supposed to be confidential, given statutory protection to prevent investigations from being prejudiced and those leaking information of investigations can be severely punished. Despite the repeated failures of the BN media such as The Star, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia, to show proof of their false allegations, they continue to print reports of MACC investigations quoting MACC sources.

In the past, MACC has acted promptly against those who leaked information on social media or to the press. However their attitude now is surprisingly different. To avoid any perceptions of double-standards, can the MACC take action against these “sources” leaking confidential information of MACC investigations to the BN-media on the tunnel and 3 main highway project that was conducted by open competitive tender?

The tunnel and 3 main highways project was awarded through an open competitive tender by the Penang State Tender Board chaired by the Penang State Secretary. If infrastructure projects awarded by open competitive tender can be investigated MACC, why is there no similar MACC investigation with massive publicity and 4 days of front-page news in The Star, for other projects awarded by BN Federal government conducted without open competitive tenders?

Even if these disclosures by the BN media is false, such as The Star falsely reporting that MACC is investigating the pre-sale of RM 3 billion of land rights by the Penang state government and failing to show proof to back it up, MACC’s failure to act against such reports would only lend suspicions as to whether this investigation, is connected to the coming general elections. Especially when investigations were first conducted by MACC since 2016, where all documents were taken with full cooperation from the Penang state government.

MACC must act against these false reports of investigations and disclosures of details in the BN media to preserve the integrity and credibility of their investigations, as well as to avoid any unfortunate and unwanted perception that this is purely a political witch-hunt to tarnish the image of Penang state government leaders. MACC must be an independent body free from any political interference and directive to be able to carry out its job to rid the nation of the scourge of corruption including 1MDB and Felda corruption scandals.