BN Has No Solution For Penang’s Traffic Congestion And Public Transport Plans Except To Sabotage The Penang State Government’s Infrastructure Initiatives To Alleviate Traffic Congestion.

BN Chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has spelled out clearly that there is no solution in sight by BN to overcome Penang’s increasing traffic congestion. This is not surprising considering that Najib had promised 3 times to construct the LRT that was promised earlier by his predecessor Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad  Badawi, and yet the promise to build a LRT in Penang remained an empty one.


The only offer to Penangites is the empty promise of 65,000 units of affordable housing. This is an empty promise because BN had claimed they had built more than 10,000 units under PR1MA when there is not even a single unit in Penang. The price of affordable housing under BN is capped at a higher price of RM400,000 as compared to Pakatan’s RM300,000.


BN has also increased the price of low-cost housing from RM42,000 to RM60,000 and the price of low-medium cost housing from RM72,500 to RM100,000! Only the Pakatan Penang state government has opposed such an increase because applicants cannot even get their housing loans approved under the existing lower prices. Should Pakatan win power in Putrajaya, we will revert to the original lower cost pricing.


Instead of offering traffic solutions, Najib has chosen instead to gloat that there is no light at the end of the under-sea tunnel project proposed by the Penang state government to provide a third link connecting Seberang Perai Utara(SPU) at Bagan Ajam to Gurney Drive. By clearly undermining one of our infrastructure projects, BN has shown that it has no solution for Penang’s traffic congestion and public transport plans except to sabotage the Penang state government’s initiatives to alleviate traffic congestion.


The under-sea tunnel would bring in developement to the people of SPU. Why should SPU residents be denied a link when Seberang Perai Tengah has the first bridge and Seberang Perai Selatan has the Second Bridge? If BN is sincere about helping the people of Penang, what is their alternative solution apart from sabotaging this project, that also include 3 other main highways, contracted out by open competitive tender at a price of RM 6.3 billion?


Nothing is also mentioned about BN’s proposed LRT only on the island. Pakatan Harapan has a better proposal then BN’s LRT not just on the island, but also connecting to the mainland in Sebarang Jaya, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam and Batu Kawan. The LRT should benefit not just those on the island but also at Seberang Perai because Seberang Perai is also Penang.


Clearly BN wants Penangites to choke to death in traffic congestion. The people of Penang has no choice but to replace the BN Federal government with Pakatan Harapan if we want to survive and have our own public transport!



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