Accepting Melaka four would be PH grave mistake, may result in voters’ wrath in coming state elections: MP Ramkarpal


The view of Opposition Leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim that the Melaka four ought not to be looked at the same way as those behind the Sheraton move last year, with respect, must be addressed.

Essentially, Anwar takes the view that the said four are actually returning the mandate of the people to Pakatan Harapan, unlike those behind the Sheraton move who robbed it from PH.

It must be noted that the said four have not publicly expressed their reason for becoming independents as wanting to return the mandate of the people to PH.

In fact, two of the four were from UMNO and were never part of PH. As such, the question of them returning the mandate to PH by becoming independents does not arise.

To say that the two non-UMNO members of the said four were not complicit in the Sheraton move is wrong as they would have remained in PH after the said move last year if they were not.

The reason given publicly by the said four for becoming independents was because they had become frustrated with the administration of the Melaka government, not because they were remorseful that same was robbed from PH.

Even if they now contend that the reason for them becoming independents was to return the mandate of the people to PH, this would clearly be an afterthought as there has been no indication from them publicly before that this was the case.

I have said before that PH cannot accept the said four and at the same time push for anti-hopping laws pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding that it recently signed with the government as this would be incongruous.

Accepting them would be a grave mistake by PH which may result in the wrath of voters in the coming Melaka state elections as well as GE15, which it must avoid.

Dated this 1st of November, 2021.


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