Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

5 FACTS about Tg Bungah project approval

A lot of misinformation is spreading about the Tg Bungah construction site tragedy.

Here are 5 facts about the project approval:

1) The project is NOT a hillslope development. The site is 18 m to 40m above sea level, based on Malaysia hill land development guideline, it is “tanah rendah”. “Tanah bukit” is land above 150m.

2) The project is situated in Residential Zone as per Pelan Dasar dan Perancangan Pemajuan MPPP 1996.

3) The project was approved by the OSC Committee consisting of 19 technical departments under both state and federal government.

4) The Department of Environment (DOE) objected to the project. It must be made clear that the objection was NOT related to hillslope or hill land issue but due to the nearby quarry.

5) The other 18 technical departments approved the project, including the Mineral and Geoscience Department, an authority on slope, soil stability and quarry related safety matters.

Stating facts is NOT shifting responsibility, but being accountable to the public by telling the truth.