Party Position

  • DAP Socialist Youth National Assistant Treasurer
  • DAP Penang State Secretary
  • DAP Socialist Youth Penang Chief

Previously Elected Positions

  • Political Secretary to the Chief Minister of Penang
  • State Assemblyperson of Komtar



Doing Things Extraordinarily

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
– Jim Rohn

Life was never a set of rules that has to be followed word for word but a system of understanding that can be altered in order to achieve the extraordinary.

“Politics is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” says Ng Wei Aik.

A strong believer in looking at things from a rational point of view, he is also a believer of not being bullied into fear and accepting the arrogance and corruption of elected representatives.

“Justice is missing from the BN-led government, it has become the norm to many in the BN that only the well-connected excel under the Malaysian sun. If you’re well connected to the ruling BN government, you can get away with almost anything,” Ng says.

Appointed as the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister on top of his position as the elected State Assemblyperson for Komtar, Ng believes that is important not just to be lawmakers but also to ensure the effective and rationale enforcement of the law.

“People want to see action, what is the point of having laws when you can go around it? It will be no different from the previous BN government. If someone is doing something illegal, action must be taken” says Ng.

Ng made it a personal commitment with the rest of the state government to revitalize Komtar, an iconic landmark of the state.  Komtar used to be the premier shopping centre as well as the administrative building of the Penang State Government under Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu’s administration. It was neglected when new shopping malls began to open and federal agencies moved to the new Bangunan Persekutuan.

“When the federal agencies moved out of Komtar, they just abandoned their old offices with rubbish lying everywhere and furniture broken and in a bad condition. Furthermore, the BN State Government also planned to move out from Komtar to its new administrative centre to be built in Bayan Mutiara. However, this project was scrapped immediately after we took over the administration of the state,” says Ng.

The revitalization proved to be a success as Komtar Walk brought back new life to the struggling shopping centre and a new ICT Mall was opened specializing in electronics and computer systems.

“This is only the beginning and by no means, the end. There is still a lot of work to do to bring the shine back to Komtar,” says Ng.

Much needs to be done to attract businesses and crowds back to the aging Komtar, with the lure of newer, more modern buildings nearby. Ng knows that some traders in Komtar have been using political agendas to affect the progress the building has made. Business benefits and returns must be made a priority for Komtar’s economy to be revitalised.

“Personal political agendas will not get in the way of the plan to make Komtar a town centre bustling with activities again,” says Ng.

Ng joined the DAP when he was 28 years old. He made a commitment of achieving change through politics. He saw the change in his hometown of Penang after he turned 30.

“Many people think the DAP will have an easy win in Penang in the next elections, I do not think so, there is no telling what the BN will play on. There is nothing too low or sensitive to them. They want to win by hook or by crook,” Ng comments.

Work amounts to 80% of Ng’s life with only 20% for his private life. The key is, according to Ng, to maximize the 20% with quality and not quantity. The key to love is helping others, that teaches a man to care, for without caring for others, one can never love truly.