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Party Positions

  • DAP Penang State Committee Member

Previously Elected Position

  • State Assemblyperson for Seri Delima

Proclaiming Truths

In the Penang State Assembly, to mention the name of one State Assemblyperson is to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. That person is RSN Rayer, an outspoken advocate against injustice and racism.

“I entered politics to make things right, I am sure the electorate did not elect me so that I can keep quiet in the State Assembly. If I feel that there is something that needs to be said, I will say it.” Rayer says.

His baptism of fire, so to speak, started when he was a chambering student with current DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh. There, he was introduced to numerous DAP leaders who inspired him to get involved in politics. Till this day, he sees Karpal as a mentor and constantly consults him for advice.

Rayer contested in the Seri Delima state seat but had not expected to win. “We contested for the sake of preserving democracy; we didn’t want to give Barisan Nasional a free ride. But we were prepared to serve should we be voted in by the people. When I think back to that time, I thought that denying the BN two thirds majority would be a blessing. No one expected the results that night,” Rayer puts it.

As the Assemblyperson of Seri Delima, Rayer acknowledges that he has inherited a relatively developed constituency. “Parking though, is another story” explains Rayer.  Traffic congestion is not a new problem to Penangites. The fact that the federal government has taken a hypocritical stand on the issue is very evident. The age-old problem of an inefficient public transportation system that does not meet the needs of the people is something that can be attributed to the federal government’s stand to protect the car industry instead.

Rayer is known for speaking his mind boldly and passionately, he says “When the Opposition (BN) stirs racial sensitivities with blatant lies….How can I keep quiet?” Raising racial and religious issues is an old UMNO tactic. Not only is it wrong, it is downright evil to do so.”

Many people are also familiar with Kampung Buah Pala issue. The fact that the issue has been resolved was never given its time in the sun by the mainstream media.

“Every single home affected by the Kampung Buah Pala issue was given a new house that is worth an average of RM 750,000.00 today. But the unfortunate thing is, some families chose to believe the lies that was spread around by MIC who wanted to see bloodshed.” Rayer explains that the residents were predominantly MIC supporters and the party had abandoned them in their time of need.

“MIC told some of the villagers not to accept the state government’s offer and said instead that they would buy the land back for the villagers. We wanted to let them have the houses that we got for them, but they chose to believe in MIC’s lies and they ended up without anything.”

“Some people call DAP a Chinese party, but I am a Malaysian Indian and I am in the DAP, this party is not just for the Chinese but for all Malaysians. I hope one day people will see the DAP at the helm of the federal government bringing about a change in Malaysian political for a better Malaysia,” he says.