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Party Positions

  • DAP Penang State Committee Member

Previously Elected Position

  • State Assemblyperson for Pengkalan Kota


The young will not be denied

Fate has a funny way of determining life’s destiny. In the case of Lau Keng Ee, he was not expected to win the Pengkalan Kota state seat in 2008 against the three-term incumbent, who was old enough to be his father. As fate would have it, Lau won, making the then 28-year old Penang’s youngest State Assemblyperson.

The people were stunned, especially BN, which had anticipated being returned to government in 2008 and went as far as discussing which among three candidates would become the potential Chief Minister – even before the election results came out!

“When we won the State Government, we were finally able to implement changes that we had always wanted, a clean and efficient government.

“I never understood why the BN didn’t listen to the people or attend to their problems. I never knew why, with all the resources they have, that they could still fail to improve the country” Lau says.

Since then, Lau made it his mission to do his best to uphold his constituency’s welfare and the interests of its 20,000 voters. “I try to solve people’s problems in the shortest possible time,” says Lau.

Lau always maintains that as an elected representative, getting high profile publicity with little action and little problem solving skills will result in dissatisfied constituents.

The previous BN government left many projects abandoned and it was Lau who had to follow up on projects like the “Lau Pa Sat”. He had to find funding from sponsors for schools as well as sporting facilities like basketball courts.

“The BN will constantly attack us saying we cannot fulfill our responsibilities, but we have worked very hard. I would like to challenge them to work for the people and not be subservient to UMNO. When UMNO speaks, they hide. Is this the type of leader that can serve his constituents?” Lau comments.

Lau feels optimistic about the DAP’s chances in the 13th General Elections but maintains that the chances are still 50-50 as a lot of dirty tactics will be applied by BN. He hopes that the people of Penang will wholeheartedly support the fight to retain the PR state government.