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Party Position

  • DAP Penang State Organizing Secretary

Previously Elected Position

  • State Assemblyperson for Tanjong Bunga

Immovable for what is right

One can usually recognize him on his bicycle. He once rode a bicycle to a wedding and asked around “where can I park my bike?”

This man is the current State Assemblyperson for Tanjung Bungah, Teh Yee Cheu. Teh got involved in politics in 1999 when he told himself that he had to do his party to bring about a 2-party system. He decided that it was only through politics that he could make a difference.

In 1999, he assisted the party during the elections.

“I didn’t want Malaysia to lose out in the global rat race, if the DAP had won in 1999, I would’ve stayed out of politics, but they lost so I got involved at my own expense in 2001,” says Teh.

Teh is known for his genuine pro-environment stance and will always champion the rights of the grassroots. He is so dedicated to his constituents that he is often seen in protests that his constituents participate in. He is also ever present in the DAP Headquarters to assist the public and members alike wherever he can.

He has also reached out to his constituents of Tanjung Bungah who had seen the previous BN state government basically sell Penang out to cronies. Despite being an elected representative, Teh perseveres continuously in his quest to ensure that Penang maintains its scenic charm and natural beauty.

Unassuming and approachable, many who meet Teh on the streets might not know of his elected position. He never let his newfound status get to his head and maintains a level headed attitude in his work.

Teh, like many other DAP members, was pessimistic on the election results in 2008. Even with the huge crowd during pre-election rallies, he expected DAP to win only about 5-6 seats in total.

Determined not to let his constituents down, as the elected representative of Tanjung Bungah, Teh embarked on a crusade to change the constituency. One of his greatest achievements was to convince MPPP to accept the conceptual Bicycle Lanes in Penang, including the Tanjong Tokong – Teluk Bahang Scenic Lane, and the Georgetown Heritage Trial Ride.

Being a champion of the environment, Teh strongly advocated tree planting under the “Cleaner Greener Penang” project. He also collaborated with the Tanjung Bungah Residents Association (TBRA) to fight against the development of high rise projects in the hill slopes of Tanjung Bungah;

Teh also assisted in solving the long pending issue of Kampong Tanjong Tokong with UDA as well as the resettlement of the site of Nelayan Pantai Tanjong Bunga. He is currently lobbying the state government to assist Batu Feringghi and Tanjong Bunga squatters to secure compensation from the developers.

Teh has also been outspoken in fighting for the rights of transgendered persons and the LGBT community.

He hopes that voters will return him to the seat of Tanjung Bungah so that he continuously contribute and better the constituency and by extension, the rest of Penang.