Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan should not be childish and throw tantrum just because he is envious of Penang’s success in debt reduction.

He conveniently left out 5 critical points when speaking about the Federal-Penang water restructuring deal.

1. Water debts were incurred by previous BN state government so it’s only fair to return those debts to the BN federal government.

2. Debts taken over by federal govt was not for free but in exchange of water assets owned by PBAPP.

3. Penang is NOT the only state which signed the water restructuring deal, other states have done it as well.

4. The water restructuring deal involved surrendering of state rights by BN before 2008 to federal government. In 2005, there was an amendment to the Federal Constitution that put “water supplies and services” from State List to Concurrent List.

5. Penang is the only state which did not have any outstanding debt payment at the end of 2016, furthermore PBAPP had also paid on time and in full all the annual lease payments. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

If Abdul Rahman Dahlan threatens to withdraw the water restructuring deal, is he prepared to walk back on the 5 points above?

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