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1401, 2019


1401, 2019

Cameron Highlands must be the benchmark for progress, justice and equality as Malaysia celebrates her first Ponggal celebration post GE14 to honour the men and women who have tirelessly harvested and toiled the earth to bring prosperity, goodwill and food in a Malaysia Baru

1101, 2019

Ramkarpal urges public updates on the investigations for Teoh Beng Hock’s case

1001, 2019

Muhyddin urged to instruct IGP to reopen investigations into Teoh’s death

901, 2019

Former Ministers has no moral right to plead innocence by feigning ignorance over the Najib administration’s compromise of Malaysian interest to foreign countries to bail out 1MDB

401, 2019

We need law to criminalise hate speech against ethnicity, religious groups or gender

301, 2019

Abolish draconian Sedition Act to ensure freedom of speech

101, 2019

Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Dan Kekayaan Yang Dinikmati Semua Adalah Penawar Terbaik Untuk Politik Polarisasi Yang Meracun, Eksploitasi Sentimen Perkauman Dan Pelampauan Agama, Yang Menggugat Tatanegara Malaysia

101, 2019


101, 2019

Economic Growth And Prosperity Enjoyed By All Is The Best Antidote To The Poisonous Politics Of Polarisation, Exploiting Racism And Religious Extremism, That Threatens Our Malaysian Polity

3112, 2018

Deputy Defence Minister Liew files civil suit against Azwanddin Hamzah

2412, 2018


2412, 2018

DAP Christmas Day Message By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng On 24.12.2018

2212, 2018